Crassula Ovata Jade Plant with Pink Flowers

Jade Plant | How to Choose, Plant, and Take Care of Your Jade Plant

Here is another plant to add to your succulent collection: the jade plant. Succulent plants such as jade plants are relatively easy to care for, and they can add some bright colours and personality, whether indoors or outdoors. The Basics of Jade Plant Crassula ovata, also called jade plant or lucky plant is a succulent […]

A group of Dwarf Murraya Plants

Dwarf Murraya | Dwarf Varieties of Murraya

Murraya paniculata, orange jessamine, orange jasmine, or mock orange is ideal for hedges. Dwarf murraya varieties are also available for those who prefer low hedges. Typical murraya height is about 9 to 10 feet (3 metres), but the dwarf varieties will only grow to a maximum size of 36 inches (90 cm). Where to buy […]

Taking Murraya Out of a Pot for Transplanting

Transplanting Murraya | How to Transplant Your Murraya

You can grow your murraya from cuttings or seeds, or you can buy them from nurseries. Whichever method you choose, you need to transplant your murraya, orange jessamine, orange jasmine, or mock orange to a flowerbed in your garden or their positions as murraya hedge. Where to buy Murraya Paniculata If you are looking to […]

Murraya with Flowers in a Clay Pot

Murraya in Containers | Can You Grow Murraya in Pots

You can grow murraya, orange jessamine, orange jasmine, or mock orange in pots and containers. Murraya comes in different dwarf varieties and cultivars which are compact, ideal for low hedges, and can be planted in pots and containers. You can even keep your murraya plant indoors. Just make sure that they are in a bright […]


How to Choose, Plant, and Take Care of Your Mandevilla

The mandevilla is popular for the splash of bright tropical colours it adds to the surroundings. The bright and striking flowers of the mandevilla make it an excellent crawler for walls or trellises. The Basics of Mandevilla Mandevilla, commonly known as rocktrumpet, is native to southwestern United States, Central America, Mexico, South America, and West […]

Bee Balm

How to Choose, Plant, and Take Care of Your Bee Balm

If you want butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds in your garden, plant some bee balms. This fragrant plant attracts fluttering wildlife and is also quite lovely to behold. The Basics of Bee Balm Bee balm or Monarda is a genus of fragrant flowering plants from the mint family native to North America. Other common names of […]

Passion Fruit

How to Choose, Plant, and Take Care of Your Passion Fruit

Passion fruit can be expensive if you get them fresh from the grocery or supermarket. Why buy passion fruits when they are so easy to grow? The passion fruit vine is an excellent low-maintenance fruit-yielding addition to your garden. The Basics of Passion Fruit Passion fruit or Passiflora edulis is a fruit-bearing vine native to […]


How to Choose, Plant, and Take Care of Your Azalea

A blooming azalea is such a lovely sight, easy to take care of, and they come in many varieties to suit your taste. If you want a low-maintenance flowering plant, you may wish to add azaleas to your collection. The Basics of Azalea Azaleas are shrubs under the genus Rhododendron. These flowering beauties are native […]

Bleeding Heart Plant

How to Choose, Plant, and Take Care of Your Bleeding Heart Plant

Add something interesting to your landscape in spring with bleeding heart plants. The colourful blooms of this plant hang like heart pendants along its stems, perfectly complemented by its bluish-green foliage. The Basics of Bleeding Heart Plant Bleeding heart or Lamprocapnos spectabilis is a species of a flowering plant family Papaveraceae. The bleeding heart is […]


How to Choose, Plant, and Take Care of Your Lavender

Lavenders have been popular for their culinary and apothecarial uses. In addition to that, they add such beauty to the surroundings as they show their vibrant colours when they bloom. This fragrant herb garden staple is easy to propagate and care for, making this low maintenance plant an excellent addition to your surroundings. The Basics […]