How Long Do You Have to Leave the Instant Lawn Before You Can Walk on It?

It is an exciting moment when you finally see and smell that fresh green grass on your yard. How long should you wait before you can fully enjoy your instant lawn?

You need to wait two (2) weeks before you can regularly use your newly laid instant lawn. The roots on an instant lawn start growing at around two weeks. You also need to give it time to “stick” to the ground to avoid creating gaps. It is best if you gave it time to rest from the initial stress it went through when it was first laid.

Instant lawn being laid on soil

Why Two Weeks

It may puzzle some homeowners why it still takes a couple of weeks before they can use their lawn. After all, they chose an instant lawn so that they can have turf as quickly as possible.

Stressed Grass

When they harvest the instant lawn, they cut it from the soil down to its roots. The harvesting process causes stress on the grass.

It is still healthy and alive once it arrives at your property, but the roots have temporarily stopped growing.

You will need to wait about two weeks until the instant lawn starts producing new roots again and start establishing on your soil.

Check out our information on how long it takes for an instant lawn to establish roots.

To Keep the Instant Lawn in Place

Another reason for waiting a while is to keep the instant lawn in place as it establishes. More on how long it takes for instant lawn to establish here.

At the time it was laid, it is simply put on top of the soil. Nothing is holding the instant lawn to the ground until it establishes its roots.

Waiting a few weeks gives the instant lawn time to “stick” to the ground through constant watering and wetting of the soil. More on how much water does instant lawn need here.

What to Do During the Wait

You need to keep on top of watering as you are waiting for your lawn to establish its roots and stick to the ground. You can refer to our guide on watering your instant lawn.

You have to wait just a few weeks until you can have your children play in it or hold gatherings with family and friends.

Waiting to use your instant lawn, as usual, does not mean that you cannot walk on your grass at all.

You can still walk on it, especially if you do not have an irrigation system and need to water it manually. 

If you do need to walk on your lawn before two weeks have passed, tread very cautiously and take care not to disturb the seams and edges of your instant lawn.

Avoid all other regular activities on the instant lawn for the meantime.

If you are researching if instant lawn is the right fit for your yard, don’t forget to check out our Instant Lawn Hobart Services page here.

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