How Long Does Instant Lawn Take to Establish?

During our many years of experience in lawn care, we often get questions on how long it takes for an instant lawn to establish. You can minimise or eliminate guessing when you consult with experts.

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An instant lawn usually takes about four (4) to eight (8) weeks to establish. Shallow roots start growing for the first two (2) weeks, and deeper roots take about four (4) to eight (8) weeks. Most instant lawn establishes around the sixth (6th) week, and fully establish within six (6) to nine (9) months.

Established Instant Lawn

Grass Roots

Instant Lawn from the Supplier

The roots on the instant lawn that you get from the source are already mature. They cut the grass from the soil at an even thickness of about 50mm. About 15 to 20mm are the roots.  

The established roots of the instant turf give it enough time for transportation from the source and laying on your yard without dying. 

The suppliers of instant lawn roll them to keep them from drying out, and for easier transportation.

How Roots Grow

Grassroots establish through elongation, branching, and growth of new roots.

Roots grow because of the spreading out of the newly developed cells from what is called the meristem cells. 

Meristem cells are at the root tips, and they are the source of all the other root cells as the grass matures.

From its meristem cells, the roots develop cells with specialisations that enable them to absorb water and nutrients for the use of the grass.

Instant Lawn Roots

From the time they are harvested and laid, ideally, within the same day, the grass starts growing shallow roots by the 2nd week.

By the 4th week, more roots from the instant lawn should already reach the soil.

By the 6th to 8th week it should be already established.

Full establishment of the roots takes about six (6) to nine (9) months. 

You can test if they are fully established by pulling on the grass. If you cannot lift it up from the roots without much force, then it is fully established.

Proper Preparation to Ensure that Roots are Established

As mentioned earlier, the instant lawn you will get already has mature roots. 

However, if it is to thrive in your yard, the grass needs to set its roots down into your soil fully.

To achieve the successful establishment of the roots, ensure proper soil preparation and careful laying of the turf.

Afterwards, make sure to take proper care and maintenance.

You cannot merely order instant lawn and lay it down directly on your soil. 

Here is a brief overview of the things needed:

Proper soil preparation

Proper soil preparation is vital to make sure that your instant lawn has a healthy soil in which to grow and establish its roots.

The following are often used to make sure that your soil is ready:

  • Topsoil
  • Soil Amendments (such as wetting agents)
  • Fertiliser

Proper laying of the instant turf

After the soil preparation, you can now lay down the instant lawn.

  • Lay in a brick pattern

Lay your turf in a brick pattern, alternating the edges between rows.

  • Butt in edges

Make sure to butt edges, taking care not to overlap. Make sure that the sides of the instant lawn have no gaps.

  • Flatten the instant lawn against the soil

If the area is small, you can walk lightly all over the area to make sure that no part of the instant lawn is lifted above the soil underneath.

You can also do this by using a roller.

Flattening the instant lawn against the ground is a crucial step because the grass cannot establish its roots if it is not correctly resting on the soil.

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