How Often Should I Mow My Instant Lawn?

For homeowners, they either love or dislike mowing. Despite the split opinions, nobody denies that mowing the instant lawn is necessary.

You need to mow your instant lawn at least once or twice a week. Remember not to cut more than 1/3 of the grass in one mowing. If your instant lawn is overgrown, mow a third of the current length and wait a few days before mowing again.

Mowing Instant Lawn
Mowing Instant Lawn

Mow Often

Mowing your instant lawn at least once, and ideally, twice, a week encourages more lush growth. Some grass grows slower and may require less frequent mowing.

Make sure to let your turf rest for a few days before mowing again.

Mow as often as required to keep your lawn at an ideal height for its specific grass type.

Read our guide on the Recommended Height for Instant Lawn.

Regular mowing encourages healthier growth because the grass does not need to put too much energy on maintaining the leaves.

When the leaves are too long, more of the instant lawn’s energy and nutrients go into keeping the blades healthy. Long grass blades leave less energy and nutrients for the roots.

Keeping the instant lawn at a recommended height will help the grass evenly distribute its resources from roots to the leaves.

Shorter grass blades give your instant lawn more chance to focus on root growth instead of just maintaining the leaves. Well-trimmed leaves give more room for oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach down into the soil.

Overgrown leaves will block water, sun, and oxygen from reaching the soil. When grass leaves are left long for too long, they will compete with each other for nutrients and that will adversely affect their health.

Rule of Thirds

You should not mow the grass on your instant lawn more than 1/3 of its current height. Too much cutting at one time will put a lot of stress on your grass and could kill it.

Mowing Overgrown Instant Lawn

If your grass is overgrown, you will need to mow a few more times to reach its recommended length. Instead of cutting all at once to get to the recommended height, mow a third of the grass first. Then wait a few days, 3 or 4, to mow again.

How About Newly Laid Instant Lawn?

For newly laid lawn, wait for about six (6) weeks before mowing.

The roots of the instant lawn establish around the 6th week, which means it can already take a little mowing.

After the initial mowing on the 6th week, you can mow your instant lawn regularly to maintain its ideal height.


Most instant lawns require mowing at least once a week while some grass types may grow faster and twice a week mowing is ideal.

However, some instant lawns grow much slower and may require less frequent mowing. A useful guide on when to mow is when the grass grows higher than the recommended height. Make sure not to cut more than a third in one go.

If you are doing research to see if Instant Lawn is a good fit for your property, Check out our Instant Lawn Hobart Services page here.

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