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Murraya Hedge Height | How High Does a Murraya Grow

You may be wondering if murraya is the right hedge for your needs, specifically the height you require for your murraya hedge.

The good news is that several murraya varieties are available to choose from and their heights vary from dwarf bushes to small trees.

Murraya plant with white flower
Murraya Paniculata

Where to buy Murraya Paniculata

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Height of a Typical Murraya Plant

Murraya paniculata can grow up to 23 feet (7 metres) tall.

However, in landscaping, smaller cultivars are used as a murraya hedge.

Small murraya trees grow up to 9 to 10 feet (about 3 metres) when left untrimmed. These types of murraya hedge are usually kept trimmed at about 6 feet (2 metres in height).

Dwarf murraya varieties grow up to 3 feet (1 metre) and are perfect for planting as low murraya hedges or even as bonsai.

If you want your murraya hedge to grow taller and bushier, use fertilisers such as humus-rich compost. Some research found that this type of fertiliser will help your murraya hedge grow taller faster as well as have bushier foliage. You can find out more about this on our guide on Murraya Hedge Fertiliser.

Proper watering is also important to make sure that your murraya hedge grows healthy and strong. Visit our guides on Watering Murraya Hedge for more in-depth information on taking care of your murraya hedge.

Dwarf murraya planted beside a light-coloured wall
Dwarf variety of Murraya Paniculata

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