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Showing all 5 results

Jiffy Pellets: Jiffy-7 & Jiffy-7C

Welcome to our selection of Jiffy Pellets, a favoured solution for professional growers worldwide. These pellets are designed to simplify seed propagation and reduce the risk of transplant shock, offering higher yields and substantial labour savings.

Jiffy-7 Pellets – The Original

Used globally, Jiffy-7 pellets are a clean, cost-effective propagation solution that suits a wide variety of crops and cultural regimes. Made from either 100% peat or a mixture of peat and Jiffy’s own-manufactured RHP-certified coco substrate, Jiffy-7 is available in a wide variety of sizes.

  • Promotes stronger roots
  • Food safe
  • Sustainable

If you’re seeking a propagation solution compatible with most existing automation systems, Jiffy-7 is your best bet.

Jiffy-7C Pellets – 100% Peat Free

For those seeking a peat-free propagation system, the Jiffy-7C pellet is a perfect choice. Made with 100% RHP-certified coco-substrate enclosed in netting, it’s well-suited to rooting plants that prefer well-aerated, fast-draining plugs. The coco-substrate, a by-product of the coconut industry, is manufactured at Jiffy’s own plant in Sri Lanka.

  • Promotes stronger roots
  • 100% peat-free
  • Sustainable

Modern professional plant propagators in greenhouses and nurseries are increasingly choosing Jiffy-7C pellets.

PLA Netting & Product Certifications

As part of Jiffy’s commitment to sustainability, they are in the process of switching from PE and PP plastics to PLA netting for all Jiffy Pellets. PLA net is a biodegradable, compostable bio-web made of polylactic acid.

To ensure the high quality of Jiffy’s products, they certify their products for organic use, biodegradability, quality, uniformity, and more.

Benefits of Jiffy Pellets

Whether you choose Jiffy-7 or Jiffy-7C, you’re opting for a product that promotes better, faster germination, reduces water use, and saves labour. These pellets are an open-wall, net container, and medium all in one, making them easy to work with and economical to ship. They transplant well, either into larger containers or directly into the ground, providing your plants with the best start in life.

Explore our range of Jiffy Pellets today and revolutionise your seed-raising and plant propagation experience.