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Jiffy Pots

Welcome to our selection of Jiffy Pots, the environmentally-friendly and highly efficient solution for seed raising and plant propagation. Designed with both the planet and your plants in mind, these pots are 100% organic, 100% biodegradable, and 100% ready to revolutionise your gardening experience.

Jiffy Pots are made from sphagnum peat moss and wood pulp, creating a natural and biodegradable environment for your seeds to sprout. They come pre-formed and ready for planting, ensuring minimal transplanting setbacks when planting into your garden.

Simplify Seed Raising

With Jiffy Pots, seed raising has never been easier. Just add soil, seeds, and water. Once your seedlings are large enough to handle, plant the entire pot directly into the ground or another pot. This minimizes transplant shock and doesn’t disturb the plant’s fragile root system.

Professional Choice

Jiffy Pots are rapidly becoming the preferred choice of professional nurseries, landscapers, greenhouse growers, and hydroponic farmers around the world. They promote faster rooting compared to traditional plastic pots, thanks to zero root disturbance and less root-zone temperature fluctuations.

Sustainable Gardening

Make an environmentally conscious choice with Jiffy Pots. They’re a sustainable option, reducing plastic use and waste in your garden. They are also 100% home-compostable and approved for organic production.

Sizes and Packs

We offer a variety of sizes. Choose the pack that best fits your gardening needs.

Enjoy free postage across Australia, and start your sustainable gardening journey with Jiffy Pots today.