Orchiata and Perlite Potting Media Mix

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Our Orchiata and Perlite Potting Media is a 50/50 soil medium used for growing orchids.

  • Ideal for growing small to medium orchids
  • Provides more drainage for your orchid’s roots
  • Already mixed, just rinse and it’s ready to use
  • 50% orchid bark, 50% perlite by volume
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Due to the nature of the materials, this mix contains dust. Before opening/using the mix, we recommend wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (mask, glasses, etc).

Getting your mix ready for repotting:

  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment
  • Rinse the mix with water to remove the dust

The mix consists of

  • 50% Orchiatia Orchid Bark
  • 50% Perlite

By volume



  • 6-9mm Orchid bark
  • Coarse Perlite


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