What is the best way to clean a driveway?

The driveway is probably one of the most used outdoor areas on your property. It sees a lot of traffic on most days because of the vehicles on it, as well as foot traffic.

Different kinds of driveways may need different ways and methods to clean, but the best is through pressure cleaning. The dirt, grime, skid marks, and grease will be harder to remove through ordinary detergent, water, and manual brushing of the area. Read on to know why pressure cleaning is the best way to clean your driveway.

Removal of the mud and dirt with a pressure cleaner
Removal of the mud and dirt with a pressure cleaner

Driveway Materials

Driveways vary not just in the overall style and layout, but also the materials used.

A lot of driveways are made of concrete, while there are others made of stones or bricks.

Whatever the material your driveway is made of, it will most likely be very porous and relatively rough for traction.

Because of this, dirt, grime, and other stains are more easily absorbed and harder to wash off. 

Besides, engine oil, petrol, and tire skid marks are tough to remove as well. 

Best to Pressure Clean the Driveway

Before moving on to why pressure cleaning is the best for your driveway, we will discuss how you can do it manually.

Manual Cleaning

Try cleaning your driveway through manually brushing and see how much you can get your driveway clean, you can be sure it will not be much.

The steps to manual cleaning and brushing are simple: all you need is a push broom with hard bristles, a bucket of soapy water, and water to rinse it out.

Step 1 – Clear the area and brush away surface dirt and debris

The first step to clean your driveway is to clear out dirt and debris such as leaves, stones, branches, and other things that might be on it.

This step is essential, whether you will clean manually or use a pressure cleaner.

Step 2 – Pour degreaser and soapy water all over the driveway

Use a mix of ordinary detergent and water in a bucket and pour it on your driveway. 

The amount of cleaner you will need depends on the area of the driveway is and how much it needs to be cleaned.

Step 3 – Brush away!

With the detergent on the surface, start brushing the driveway one small area at a time.

You will need to apply a bit more pressure as you brush to make sure that you get it clean.

Step 4 – Rinse it off

It gets tricky during this part because you need to rinse off the driveway with clean water while brushing at the same time.

To do this, pour water or hose down a small area at a time and then follow it up by brushing the area.

Rinse as much as you need until the water runs clear, and there is no more detergent left on the driveway.

Depending on your physical capabilities and how fast you work, combined with your driveway area, this could take a while.

However long it takes, it will take at least twice as long as when you used a pressure cleaner, not to mention much more difficult and tiring.

Unless you only need to clean a small area, pressure cleaning is the best way to clean your driveway.

Pressure cleaning the driveway is better

The pressure cleaner can get the dirt out of your driveway faster and more effectively than manually brushing the area.

Also, pressure cleaning your driveway will save you a ton of time and energy.

The pressure cleaner works by pushing water out of the attachment at such force that it will knock dirt, grime, grease, moss, and other stains off the surface.

Pressure Cleaning

Step 1 – Clear the area

Just like in manual cleaning, you need to clear the area first of loose dirt and debris.

Step 2 – Cover your plants and other vegetation

Use a tarp or a plastic sheet to cover anything you do not want to get sprayed with the driveway cleaner you will use.

Step 3 – Apply degreaser

Since motor vehicles go on the driveway, it is crucial to apply a degreaser first to remove much of the grease because it will prevent the driveway cleaner from doing its work.

However, you can cut the effort by using a combination of degreaser and detergent formulated for driveways.

Step 4 – Pressure clean the driveway

Using a pressure cleaner, go over and clean the driveway.

Follow the manual carefully to make sure that you are using the right attachment and settings.

Step 5 – Apply a sealer (optional)

A driveway sealer will protect your driveway and help make it last longer in better condition.

If you need a hand with cleaning your driveway contact Harwood’s Garden Supplies. We can have your driveway sparkling new in just a couple of hours. More information on our pressure cleaning service here.

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