What is the best way to clean pavers?

Pavers are a great addition to your landscape. They come in many different styles, shapes, designs, and sizes and are made from different materials such as concrete, natural stone, and brick. 

For regular cleaning of your pavers, water, and an ordinary detergent, plus some elbow grease will do. However, pavers need to be deep cleaned at least once a year, usually through pressure cleaning. During this annual pressure cleaning, it is better to use specialised detergents and cleaners for your pavers.

Block paving cleaning with a high pressure washer
Block paving cleaning with a high pressure washer

Regular Cleaning of Pavers

Depending on how the area is used, pavers can be cleaned and maintained about once a month or twice a year. You can use an outdoor brush and water for this.

Here are the steps for regular cleaning of your pavers:

Step 1 – Sweep the area

Using a hard outdoor brush or push broom, sweep the entire area that is paved.

Remove leaves, other debris, and dust from the surface

Step 2 – Wet the area

Wet the area thoroughly. You can use a hose, or you can pour water from buckets.

Step 3 – Use some detergent

Pour some detergent onto the pavers. You probably need to dilute the soap with some water.

Using a brush, scrub the soap into the pavers. 

You may need to scrub a little more in areas with more dirt or stains.

Step 4 – Rinse with water

After making sure that all your pavers are soaped and brushed, rinse the area with water. Keep rinsing until all the detergent is removed from all the pavers.

You can also use an outdoor brush as you rinse to help speed up the process.

The Best Way to Clean Pavers is Through Pressure Cleaning

Even if you try to stay on top of cleaning your pavers regularly, it will still accumulate some dirt and grime through time. 

What gets your pavers dirty?

Several factors can affect how much cleaning your pavers need. 

It depends on how the area is used if it is continuously damp, which makes it prone to moss growth, or just overall dirt, weeds, and other issues.

How often should you pressure clean pavers?

It is crucial to have your pavers pressure cleaned at least once a year, or more if there are other issues.

Pressure cleaners will effectively get all the dirt, grime, moss, weeds, and others out of your pavers that the ordinary outdoor brush cannot.

Pressure washers clean by pushing water at high pressure out of the nozzle or surface cleaner.

How to pressure clean pavers

Step 1 – Clear and sweep the area

Remove furniture and other things on the paved area.

Using a stiff brush with a long handle, sweep away visible dirt and debris.

Step 2 – Wet the pavers

Rinse off the area with water, making sure that every part gets wet.

Step 3 – Apply a cleaning solution

Choose a cleaning solution depending on what kind of dirt and stains you want to remove on the pavers.

There are ordinary detergents, while some are combined with degreasers. There are also industrial-grade detergents for deeper cleaning.

Step 4 – Use the pressure cleaner

Follow the instructions for the pressure cleaner you will use to make sure that you have the right attachments and pressure cleaner settings.

Step 5 – Rinse

After cleaning with the pressure cleaner, you can now rinse off the area.

You can also use the pressure cleaner for this, but you may need to change attachments and nozzles.

Pressure cleaners can be hired from most local hire shops for a day or over the weekend. If you need help pressure cleaning your paved area, contact Harwood’s Garden Supplies today. We can have your paved area pressure cleaning in 5 hours or less. More information about our pressure cleaning services here.

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