Waratah Flowers

How to Choose, Plant, and Take Care of Your Waratah

Waratah is such a gorgeous plant, and its spectacular floral displays are wonderful additions to the garden. The colourful blooms attract bees and birds, adding character to your landscape not just with the flora, but with lively animal and insect activities as well. The Basics of Waratah Waratah or Telopea is a genus of large […]

Flowering Gum

Australian Native Flowers | 30 of The Best Australian Native Flowering Plants

Flowering plants are probably the most popular types of plants to care for because of the beauty and splash of colour they bring to the surroundings. Fortunately, Australia is never in short of selections of bright and vibrant flora, especially Australian native flowers. Having native plants, as opposed to non-natives, is more advantageous and better […]


Callistemon | How to Select, Grow and Care for Your Bottlebrush

Callistemon or bottlebrush is a native of Australia, but due to its beauty, it is now cultivated in other places. It got its bottlebrush name because of its cylindrical and brush-like flowers, which look like a bottle brush for cleaning bottles.  Callistemons are excellent garden plants, bringing vibrant colours to your landscape. Most flower spikes […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Caring for your Grevillea

Available in sizes ranging from evergreen shrubs to trees, Grevilleas are known for their delicate foliage and stunningly showy flowers. Grevilleas are native to Australia and thrive in warmer climates. They grow quickly, survive well, and are partial to well-drained soil. Grevilleas come in an astounding number of varieties, offering something for virtually every yard, garden, or park. Here’s what you […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing and Caring for Your Banksia

A native Australian flowering plant, Banksia thrives throughout the country. They are drought-tolerant, attractive, and versatile, with flowers that will continuously bloom. They are particularly useful for landscaping, as they can grow into 6 to 12 foot shrubs, and can even be 30 to 60 feet in size as full-size trees. Banksia requires a few things to really grow: […]