23mm Tomato Plant Clips – Valent

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The 23mm Valent Tomato Plant Clips offer secure, reusable support for growing plants, with a design preventing stem damage.

  • Designed to sturdily support plants like tomatoes and cucumbers
  • Suitable for various gardening needs, from single to multiple clip applications per stem
  • Includes a robust hinge that serves as a point for hanging twine, ensuring clip stability
  • Features rounded edges and air holes, reducing plant damage and botrytis risk
  • Designed with a secure, audible click-lock mechanism for reliable use
  • Manufactured from high-quality plastic, providing durability and multiple uses
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Introducing the 23mm Valent Tomato Plant Clips, an essential gardening tool built for both novice and experienced gardeners. This clip is designed to provide robust and durable support for plants like tomatoes and cucumbers, helping them grow upright for optimal sunlight exposure and easy harvesting.

Constructed from high-quality plastic, this clip is built to last. It’s reusable, making it not only a great choice for your garden but also for the environment. The Valent Tomato Staking Clip is designed to securely fasten to both plants and twine, with a thick, durable construction that can handle heavy loads, perfect for supporting those ever-growing plants.

The clip’s design is more than just functional, it also prioritizes plant health. It features a robust hinge that acts as a point for hanging twine. This ensures that the clip remains stable and minimizes movement, protecting your plants from unnecessary damage.

This clip doesn’t stop at simple functionality. It’s designed with rounded edges and sufficient air holes around the clip, reducing the risk of digging into the plant stem and causing damage, as well as preventing botrytis, a harmful fungus, from impacting your plants.

An easy click-lock mechanism ensures a secure connection. Once locked, you’ll hear an audible “click,” letting you know the clip is firmly closed and your plant is secure. This feature makes the Valent Tomato Staking Clip a reliable tool in your garden. Plus, it offers the flexibility to use multiple clips on a single stem, giving you full control over the growth direction and overall shape of your plants.

In summary, the 23mm Valent Tomato Staking Clip is a durable, reliable, and versatile tool for any gardener looking to provide optimal support to their plants.


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