Eco Seaweed Super Concentrate Powder

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Organic, 100% soluble Eco Seaweed Super Concentrate Powder for enhanced plant growth and stress resistance.

  • Contains Ascophyllum nodosum, the most researched seaweed, for optimal plant health.
  • Suitable for a variety of uses, from promoting root development to reducing transplant shock.
  • Improves drought tolerance and allows plants to thrive in various soil conditions.
  • Lightweight and compact powder format, ensuring easy application and storage.
  • No clogging of spray heads or watering cans due to its solubility.
  • Registered Organic (Australian Organic), free of preservatives or dilutants.
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Eco Seaweed Super Concentrate Powder is a powerhouse of plant nourishment and is certified organic to boot. Made from the extract of Ascophyllum nodosum, one of the most researched seaweeds in the world, this potent formula is 100% soluble, delivering essential nutrients directly to your plants.

This powder is not only easy to use but also highly concentrated. Just a teaspoon in a 9-litre watering can is enough to boost the health and vigour of your plants. But it doesn’t stop at basic growth promotion. Eco Seaweed Super Concentrate Powder actively encourages root development and dramatically reduces transplant shock.

Not just nurtures growth, it also enhances the resilience of your plants. The powder improves their ability to cope with a variety of stresses including drought, salty soils, and cold weather. It’s a true all-rounder for any green thumb looking to give their plants an organic, nutrient-rich boost.

With over 60 vital nutrients, including a hearty 12% potassium, and void of any nasty preservatives or dilutants, this formula is as pure as it gets. But it’s not just the plant growth-promoting power that makes Eco Seaweed Super Concentrate Powder stand out, it’s also the ease of use. Its powdered format ensures it is light, compact, and easy to store, with no risk of clogging your spray heads or watering can rosettes.

Registered Organic by Australian Organic, the Eco Seaweed Super Concentrate Powder is a natural choice for the conscious gardener, ready to bring your plant care to the next level. As a bonus, all prices include free postage Australia wide. Give your garden the love it deserves with the Eco Seaweed Super Concentrate concentrate today!