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Pruning a Murraya Hedge | When to Prune Your Murraya Hedge

Murraya paniculata (also known as orange jessamine or mock orange) is low maintenance and generally does not do well with too heavy pruning.

It is better to trim a little regularly in spring, summer, and autumn than to cut back too much just once a year.

Pruning a Murraya Hedge
Pruning a Murraya Hedge

Where to buy Murraya Paniculata

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When to Prune a Murraya Hedge

Lightly prune your murraya hedge regularly. Light pruning a few times a year is better than cutting too much at one go. Harsh pruning causes stress to your murraya plants.

If you are keeping murraya as a hedge, pruning formally is necessary.

You can prune your murraya hedge two to three times a year, once in spring, another in summer, and then again in autumn.

If you will only prune twice a year, prune in spring, and again in autumn after flowering. Pruning in autumn will encourage more blooms in the spring.

When pruning in spring, focus more on trimming at the top rather than the sides so that you do not cut away budding flowers.

Budding Murraya Flowers
Budding Murraya Flowers in Spring

What to Do with Overgrown Murraya Hedge

Leaving your murraya hedge untrimmed for too long will make this fast-growing plant look too unkempt in no time.

However, do not fret if you need to cut back a whole lot from your murraya hedge, especially if it has been neglected for a while.

Your murraya hedge will probably respond to a rare heavy pruning with more vigorous growth. So go ahead and trim it back, but remember to prune it more regularly in the future.

Murraya plants by the fence
Untrimmed Murraya Hedge

No Time to Prune Your Murraya Hedge?

Murraya hedges ideally need to be pruned three times a year. If you do not have the time, have a busy schedule, or are not sure what to do with your murraya hedge, you can contact your local landscaping experts for help.

We at Harwood’s Lawn Care will be glad to assist you. Call us or visit our website for an online quote. Check our main page to see if your area is covered by our services.

Cutting a hedge with an electrical hedge trimmer
Cutting a hedge with an electrical hedge trimmer

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