When to Plant a Murraya Hedge | The Best Time to Plant Your Murraya Hedge

The best time to plant a murraya hedge depends on the season and climate in your area.

Murraya paniculata is naturally tropical, so it prefers warmer weather in general.

Murraya with Flowers on a Bright Sunny Day
Murraya on a sunny day

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Planting a Murraya Hedge in Four Season Climates

If you have four seasons, the best time to plant a murraya hedge is in autumn or late spring.

Even if murraya likes warmer weather, do not plant in the heat of summer when it is too hot. Your murraya hedge may burn from the extreme heat.

Autumn is most ideal for planting a murraya hedge because the weather is cooler, but the ground is still warm enough for your murraya plants to establish well. The warm soil in autumn is ideal for your murraya.

Planting in early spring is not advisable because the ground is still too cold from winter. If you really want to plant in spring, choose to grow your murraya hedge in late spring when the soil has had the chance to get warmer.

Find more information on transplanting murraya from our blog posts.

Newly-planted murraya hedge in autumn
Murraya hedge is best planted in autumn

Planting a Murraya Hedge in Tropical Climates

It is good news for those who live in tropical areas because you have the ideal weather for growing a murraya hedge.

However, you still need to keep in mind the seasons.

Avoid planting your murraya hedge during the hottest months of the year. Like mentioned earlier, your murraya could burn from the extreme heat.

On the other hand, avoid planting a murraya hedge during or immediately before the rainy season.

Your murraya hedge could “drown” from all the rain before it is established if you plant it during the rainy season. Please read our guide on Watering Murraya Hedge for more information on the risks of too much water on your murraya hedge.

Another concern is that your newly-planted murraya may not survive the strong winds and rain brought by tropical storms.

Choose a time in the year when it is not too hot, and there is no danger of too much rain or storm when planting your murraya hedge.

Murraya Plant with Flowers in a Tropical Setting
Murraya Plant in a Tropical Setting

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