Murraya with Flowers on a Bright Sunny Day

When to Plant a Murraya Hedge | The Best Time to Plant Your Murraya Hedge

The best time to plant a murraya hedge depends on the season and climate in your area. Murraya paniculata is naturally tropical, so it prefers warmer weather in general. Where to buy Murraya Paniculata If you are looking to buy Murraya Paniculata plants, we suggest you buy your Murraya Paniculata Plants here. Planting a Murraya […]

Murraya with White Flowers

Murraya Hedge Growth Rate | How Fast Does Murraya Grow

A freshly planted murraya hedge will take about three (3) to four (4) years to grow to its full size. On average, murraya will grow at a rate of about a fourth or a third of its full size each year. For dwarf murraya varieties which grow up to 3 feet (1 metre), they will develop at […]