Kanuma Soil 3-6mm

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Kanuma Soil is a unique volcanic soil, ideal for growing Bonsai, succulents and other acid-loving plants.

  • Soft, pale yellow volcanic soil mined from Mount Akagi.
  • Suitable for a range of acid-loving plants, including Bonsai and indoor plants.
  • Enhances root growth due to its airy structure and small particle size.
  • Lightweight and prevents moisture retention, safeguarding against root rot.
  • Gives an aesthetic touch as a top layer around the plant.
  • Dried at 300 degrees Celsius and sourced 100km from Tokyo, Japan.
  • Sizes are measured in volume (litres).
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Kanuma Soil is a distinctive type of volcanic soil sourced from Mount Akagi in Japan. Characterized by its soft texture and pale yellow hue, it’s specially suited for nurturing a range of acid-loving plants, including Bonsai and indoor plants. It’s more than just soil; it’s a natural growing medium that enhances the health and appearance of your plants.

One of its unique features is its lightweight and airy structure that enhances root development. With its small particle size, Kanuma Soil allows for proficient absorption of water and minerals, thus fostering a better and healthier growth environment for your plants. It also helps prevent root rot by not retaining excess moisture, ensuring your plants are always at their best.

Besides promoting optimal plant health, Kanuma Soil also serves as an aesthetic element. When used as a top layer, it lends a touch of natural beauty around your plant, subtly enhancing the overall look of your indoor or outdoor garden.

Sourced 100km from Tokyo, Japan, this soil is meticulously processed to ensure the highest quality. The mineral is mined, dried at 300-degrees Celsius, and carefully packaged, retaining its natural qualities to benefit your plants.

Your Kanuma will be packed in a resealable bag for your convenience. Sizes are measured in volume (litres).