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Zeolites are minerals characterised by their hardness, blocky shape, and high porosity. Their unique physical properties not only facilitate superior aeration in the soil, but also provide a stable and enduring environment for plant growth.

Our Zeolite category features a range of products specially formulated to provide the ideal growing conditions for a diverse array of plants, including tree seedlings, fruit and nut trees, and various forms of high-value produce. The highly porous structure of zeolite ensures excellent heat retention during the colder months and aids in evaporative cooling during the summer, making these products perfect for year-round gardening.

Whether you’re looking for a way to enhance crop yields or need a reliable solution for soil remediation, you’ll find a zeolite product here tailored to your needs. Each product within this category leverages zeolite’s natural water and nutrient retention properties, reducing the need for additional fertilisers and water while helping to prevent soil fluidisation and surface water runoff.

In addition to plant growth and soil health, our Zeolite products also find applications in turf management and composting. If you’re looking to reduce watering and fertiliser requirements for your lawn, our Zeolite products will serve you well. And if it’s composting and vermiculture you’re interested in, we have products that aid in moisture control, bind harmful fungal toxins, and improve the end-use efficiency of compost.

Explore our Zeolite range today and discover the potential of these versatile, environmentally friendly minerals to transform your garden.