Scoria 3-6mm – Red

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Scoria is a decorative and functional gardening aggregate with rich, vibrant colouration and vesicular structure.

  • Natural, volcanic, igneous rock known for its dark brown, black, or red hue.
  • Ideal for enhancing garden aesthetics, providing superior drainage, and promoting root aeration.
  • Composed of silica, calcium oxide, and various minerals.
  • Sourced from regions with volcanic activity, featuring larger vesicles and thicker vesicle walls than pumice.
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Product Description:

Scoria is used as a gardening aggregate that marries both form and function in the landscape. Born from volcanic activity, this igneous rock boasts a unique, rich colour palette ranging from black to red, offering an eye-catching touch to any garden setting.

Not only does Scoria serve an aesthetic role, but it also boasts an array of functional benefits. It’s renowned for its superior drainage capabilities, making it an excellent choice for plants that prefer well-drained soils. Its unique vesicular structure, replete with air-filled cavities, facilitates root aeration, promoting healthier and more robust plant growth.

Adding Scoria to your garden is not only a choice for beauty but a decision to improve the overall health and vitality of your plants. Its natural colour, functional benefits, and unique origins make it an exceptional addition.