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Akadama Double Line

Akadama Double Line

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Discover the exceptional qualities of Double Line Akadama, a premium soil medium sourced directly from the renowned red jade soil of Ibaraki, Japan. This high-quality volcanic soil is the perfect choice for cultivating bonsai trees, cacti, succulents, and a wide range of other plants.

Double Line Akadama boasts a unique composition that sets it apart from other soil media. Its round, fresh auburn particles are derived from volcanic ash, creating a high-permeability medium that excels in both water absorption and drainage. This optimal balance ensures that your plants receive the moisture they need while preventing waterlogging and root rot.

Key benefits of Double Line Akadama:

* Ideal for a diverse range of plants, from delicate bonsai trees to resilient cacti and succulents
* Offers additional benefits when used as a component in mixed soil substrates, enhancing overall soil quality
* Slightly acidic pH (6.9) and nutrient-rich composition, including essential elements such as SiO2, CaO, MgO, and more
* Sourced directly from the red jade soil of Ibaraki, Japan, ensuring authenticity and quality

The unique properties of Akadama make it a highly sought-after soil medium in countries like Japan. Its round shape and porous structure facilitate excellent water storage and drainage, creating the perfect balance for your plants' roots. When mixed with other substances at a ratio of 30-35%, Akadama's effect is comparable to that of peat, making it a versatile and effective choice for all kinds of potted plants.

The rich mineral content of Akadama, as shown in the analytical data, further demonstrates its superiority as a soil medium. With substantial amounts of silica (SiO2), calcium oxide (CaO), magnesium oxide (MgO), and other essential elements, your plants will have access to the nutrients they need to thrive.

Experience the difference Double Line Akadama can make in the health and vitality of your bonsai, cacti, succulents, and other cherished plants. Embrace the wisdom of Japanese horticulture and unlock the full potential of your plants with this exceptional soil medium.

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