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Mineraland Gritty Mix

Mineraland Gritty Mix

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Mineraland Gritty Mix, an inorganic planting medium designed to promote optimal plant growth and nutrient retention. This carefully crafted blend of premium components creates the ideal environment for your plants to flourish.

Mineraland Gritty Mix is composed of a balanced combination of diatomaceous earth, pumice, zeolite, scoria, maifan stone, and vermiculite. Each ingredient plays a crucial role in ensuring excellent air permeability, water retention, and nutrient availability for your plants.

Key benefits of Mineraland Gritty Mix:

* Ideal for everyday watering, thanks to its superior water retention and air permeability properties
* Provides consistent support and cushioning for your plants, as it doesn't decompose or break down over time
* Features a stable structure with a slight acidity, minimising the risk of fertilisation errors
* Slow nutrient release ensures optimal plant growth and maintains pH stability

The unique combination of ingredients in Mineraland Gritty Mix works together to create a planting medium that caters to your plants' every need. Diatomaceous earth and pumice improve drainage and aeration, while zeolite and maifan stone enhance nutrient retention and pH stability. Scoria provides excellent support and cushioning, and vermiculite helps retain moisture and improve soil structure.

Whether you're growing indoor plants, outdoor gardens, cactus or succulents, Mineraland Gritty Mix is the perfect choice for ensuring the health and vitality of your plants.

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